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 Presentation Aces

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Date d'inscription : 2012-06-02

PostSubject: Presentation Aces   Sat 2 Jun - 7:26

Hello all. My name is Andrew, i am Greek and as long as i remember myself i am a crazy car lover. Especially this part of them which concern races. Dreaming to manage race irl sometime and until then participating in racing simulators such as LFS and iRacing.
24h Le Man is one of my favorites ( in fact endurance races is what i mostly love )

I found just a few days ago this manager car racing game and ... vouala....stucked with this Smile

My name in old server is kentavros but in new one is Aces.

So, don't know what else to write for me... fell free to ask anything you want Smile

Thank you very much for invitation in the ally and hope we all keep trying make it bigger and bigger Smile
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vette girl

vette girl

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PostSubject: Re: Presentation Aces   Sat 2 Jun - 16:41

Hi Andrew,

Welcome to our alliance and on the forum Very Happy

So do you follow most endurance races? I follow the American Le Mans series more than the European, what about you? Who do you cheer for in the 24 Hours? Have you ever been to the race and are you going this year?
Sorry for all the questions, I'm a very curious girl Laughing

Ems alien
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Messages : 12
Date d'inscription : 2012-06-02

PostSubject: Re: Presentation Aces   Sat 2 Jun - 19:52

Unfortunately i do not follow. i 've never gone to an endurance race. Economy situation is a little bit difficult here and i cannot do it. Here in Greece we have not endurance races, but i follow almost all greek chanpions/cups.
So i just watch endurance by stream etc etc. In fact i have not a favor person. I think all participators in this kind of races are heroes Smile and i always really enjoy watch them and..... let the better/luckier win Smile . Cheers from me .

e.g. this is all curious girl Razz Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Presentation Aces   

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Presentation Aces
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