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 Quick grow up

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PostSubject: Quick grow up   Quick grow up Icon_minitimeSat 2 Jun - 7:37

I am very very new in this game and i am a little bit confused. So what you believe is the best way for someone to grow up as fast as it possible?

Buying a cheap new car and participating in many races without care about positions?
Buying an expensive and powerfull car and trying to win?
Or something else.......?
As i saw, some things are new in S4 and i think there are some new cars. Have you any suggestion about what of them is better? ( beside of devotions like Emily's Corvettes Razz )
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vette girl

vette girl

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PostSubject: Re: Quick grow up   Quick grow up Icon_minitimeSat 2 Jun - 16:33

I think you need to enter as many races as you can, I think it will get you a lot of money and it's good experience for your drivers. I think maybe go for a cheaper car but not too cheap if you know what I mean. Don't buy a car that's lvl 0-5, it's not worth it. But I would buy a new car as I said Down the Pub.
I'm not sure what the best cars are at the moment, there are so many that are good.

Ems alien
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Quick grow up
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