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 Presenting Mathieu (translation)

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PostSubject: Presenting Mathieu (translation)   Presenting Mathieu (translation) Icon_minitimeMon 28 Sep - 22:40

Hi everyone!
My name's Mathieu, "mamathieu" on Ondarun 2 or Z Club Mulsanne (team name) and yes, I'm Sarthois as well (from Mulsanne...)
I now live at Angers during the week for my studies and I do a lot of kit cars (Mini-z, I invite you to go have a look on our site or directly on our forum ).
The club organises open days from time to time which are really good fun.
They're not toys but real little jewels despite their small size (1/28th scale), I personally spend 3 hours a week on them, easily, preparing and cleaning them jsut like the pros

For the scale, it's very quick and very precise and the races.... great passing moves etc...

Good racing!
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Presenting Mathieu (translation) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Presenting Mathieu (translation)   Presenting Mathieu (translation) Icon_minitimeSun 23 Jan - 8:59

hello mamathieu
you are very welcome to join us
happy here:D rendeer geek
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Presenting Mathieu (translation)
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