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 Creating an account on the forum

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Date d'inscription : 2009-06-19
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PostSubject: Creating an account on the forum   Mon 28 Sep - 23:51

Click on "S'enregistrer" (Register)
"J'accepte le règlement" (I accept the rules, don't worry, nothing nasty Smile)
Fill in the three boxes : User name, E-mail address, Password
"Enregistrer" (Register) or "Réinitialiser" (Start again)
Confirm password
"Enregistrer" or "Réinitialiser"
The next message is very long but basically says that "your account has been created but needs to by activated. An e-mail has been sent to the address provided. If you use hotmail, make sure the e-mail hasn't been put in the spam."
"Cliquez ici pour retourner à l'Index" (Click here to return to the Index).
In your inbox, the e-mail's object is "Bienvenue sur Le Mans Racers". Open it and click on the link ""

That's it, you're now registered Very Happy

If you do have a problem don't hesitate to contact me either by the forum (Malia) or on Ondarun 2 (poypoy72, R.R.Corporation).
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Creating an account on the forum
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